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"You must believe that this was how it was . . . I spoke with people who ate and drank and were near him . . . who were not proponents [of Sabbatai Zevi's] and they told me that there was none like him in stature and in the way his face looked, like that of one of God's angels . . . And they testified that when he sang Sabbath hymns to God, which he did several times a day . . . it was not possible to look into his face, for one who looked at it, it was as if he looked into fire...And this is one of the greatest occurrences, clearly supernatural, that came to pass in those days and a reason for the great belief in Shabtai Zvi, for in the year five thousand four hundred and twenty-six of creation [1665], in the month of Tevet, it happened in many places, in Izmir and in Constantinople and in Adrianople and in Salonika, that prophets arose in hundreds and thousands, women and men, boys and girls and even little children; all of them prophesied in the holy tongue [Hebrew] and in the language of the Zohar as well, and none of them knew a letter of Hebrew and all the less so the [idiosyncratic] language of the Zohar."